School Mascots Explored

Use these ideas in the classroom to explore racial and ethnic imagery in school mascots.
Grade Level

Symbolic Victory

  1. If your school has an Indian team name or mascot, find out when the image was adopted, who selected it and why. What was the Native American population of your school and community then, and what is it now? What tribes were and are represented?
  2. Inventory and describe the imagery and behaviors associated with your school's Indian mascot. What do these things mean to you and to your classmates?
  3. Research stereotypes about your own racial or ethnic group and imagine a sports mascot based on those stereotypes. How would you feel about the public use of such images?
  4. Write letters to school, city and media officials to start a community dialogue on Indian mascots. If this issue does not apply to your local schools, choose a college or professional team as the focus of your letters.
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