The Crusader Monthly Newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 1, June-July 1962

On the fourth anniversary of the publication of The Crusader, Robert F. Williams summarizes the newsletter’s struggles and its contributors’ resolve to continue to fight for change in the United States. He opens with an overview of the economic downturn in the country and a warning about how the fall in the stock market and overall economy will directly and indirectly effect Black Americans. He also sheds light on the U.S. government’s efforts to suppress the distribution of The Crusader through postal censorship. Publishing while exiled in Cuba, Williams also makes connections between the Black freedom struggle and Third World revolutions. He condemns the U.S. government’s efforts to paint the Cuban revolution as something other than an uprising of oppressed people, connects Kennedy advisors to the KKK in Monroe, North Carolina, and suggests that his absence and the absence of armed self-defense in Monroe have led to an increase in violence against “Afro-Americans” in his hometown.
Robert F. Williams
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