Diverse Perspectives

TT Educator Grants support social justice work at the classroom, school and district levels. Read about how one teacher used a TT grant to fund an oral storytelling project to promote positive identity and diverse cultural perspectives.
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This spring, TT educator grants helped a group of 10th-graders in California conduct an oral storytelling project. The students recorded unique moments of their family histories, collecting stories in one-on-one interviews with family and community members. 

Group of students and teacher | Diverse Persectives Grant Project

Funds from the TT educator grant provided students with the technology they needed to record and edit their interviews. Students shared their work with the class and with the school at large. 


Check out the audio clips below for interviews with students’ families. 

Freddy interviews his aunt about her life as a first-generation Mexican American. (Download the transcript here)

Raghad interviews her sister about growing up in Syria. (Download the transcript here)

Diverse Perspectives

Grantee: Grade 10 World History Teacher, California


Application Date: January 2018


Grant Type: TT Educator Grant, Classroom


Support: The TT Grant funded audio equipment for recording storytelling project

Ehrenhalt is the school-based programming and grants manager at Teaching Tolerance.