About The Project

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery is the product of a multi-year collaboration among Learning for Justice, educators and scholars. Learn more about the Teaching Hard History Advisory Board, the institutions and individuals who support this project and where you can find even more sources for teaching your students about American slavery. 

Advisory Board

The members of the Teaching Hard History Advisory Board guide the structure of the project and the content of the instructional materials. From historians to veteran elementary teachers to museum educators and more, they join us from across the United States and represent a broad range of experience and expertise.


Educators aren’t the only ones who recognize the value of the Teaching Hard History resources. Visit our endorsements page to learn about some of the individuals and institutions proud to support the work of this critical project.

Online Archives and Databases

In our 2018 report on improving the teaching of slavery, we recommended educators use original historical documents to represent the diverse voices and experiences of enslaved people. Our Teaching Hard History Text Library includes more than 100 of these sources, but educators looking for more will find a trove of resources online. The online archives and databases listed here are a good place to start. 


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