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'Lou' by Pixar


Lou is a Pixar short about a trash-monster that will steal your heart. Composed entirely of lost-and-found items, Lou feels a childlike, innate anger when witnessing injustice. So when one student begins bullying his classmates at recess, Lou can’t help but step (or, more accurately, tumble) in to help. Funny, sweet and lovely by turns, the Oscar-nominated short offers a great way to start classroom conversations about bullying, restorative justice, empathy and friendship. (6 min.)


"RGB: The Justice for All" movie promotion image featuring Ruth Bader Ginsburg.


RBG documents the life and legacy of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her strategic work to bring equal gender rights to the United States. The documentary allows viewers an inside look at Ginsburg’s personal life as well as her roles as an icon and a dissenter. A must-see for everyone who believes that one person can truly change the world. (98 min.)


Still from "Safe Haven: The Sanctuary Movement" from The New York Times’ Retro Report.

Safe Haven: The Sanctuary Movement

A project of The New York Times’ Retro Report, Safe Haven: The Sanctuary Movement explores the roots of an interfaith movement built to protect refugees in the 1980s. The short film profiles some of the original leaders of the sanctuary movement and follows its 21st-century resurgence. As attacks on immigrants, refugees and their families increase, places of worship and cities across the United States are declaring themselves sanctuary spaces. Safe Haven is an informative, in-depth story of compassion, resistance and struggle. (13 min.)*

*This film contains content that students may find disturbing. TT recommends that educators preview the film before deciding to show it to students.


"King in the Wilderness" documentary promotional image with a silhouette of Martin Luther King Jr.

King in the Wilderness

In the new documentary King in the Wilderness, close friends of Martin Luther King Jr. tell the story of his last years, from his role in the passage of the 1965 Voting Rights Act to his assassination in 1968. Toward the end of a 12-year era of tireless civil rights advocacy, the film shows how King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference expanded their focus to address the triple evils of racism, poverty and militarism. King in the Wilderness also touches on King’s personal side, his intimate relationships and the toll his work took on his mental health in the final years of his life. With quiet elegance and historical acuity, the film explores King’s unshakeable commitment to nonviolence as an immutable principle in the face of a swiftly changing movement. (111 min.)


Cory Collins in Countering Online Hate Speech

Countering Online Hate Speech

We ask students to speak up when they hear hate speech at school. But what about hate speech witnessed in digital spaces? Countering Online Hate Speech, TT’s most recent digital literacy video, offers the specialized skills and strategies students need to interrupt and redirect online harassment.

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