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Issue 60, Fall 2018


Punitive discipline practices can lead to vulnerable students being pushed out of school and into the criminal justice system—but what happens when those students are undocumented? In “The School-to-Deportation Pipeline,” writer Coshandra Dillard explains how zero-tolerance discipline can devastate the futures of students who may end up in immigrant detention centers—or even deported—for minor infractions. 

This issue also features our Voting and Voices project, including professional development and a downloadable poster to help students bust five common voting myths. You'll also take a journey through the Equal Justice Initiative’s lynching memorial and museum, experience a fascinating conversation with Richard Rothstein about housing segregation, take a fresh look at white privilege and read a tribute to Matthew Shepard, 20 years after his death.

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The Book of Matthew

Matt Shepard died 20 years ago, but his name lives on in stories, on stage, in the law—and in the classroom.

Rebounding From Hate

When members of this middle school basketball team experienced bigotry and harassment, they had a choice: Give up or rise up.

A Museum. A Memorial. A Message.

Montgomery, Alabama, is home to two new attractions focused on the history of racial terror. Share the lessons of the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice with your students.

This Is Not a Drill

Educators across the country are taking action when ICE raids happen in their communities. Here’s how you can stand with undocumented students and families—whether or not you live in a vulnerable community.

Segregation by Design

Our national understanding of segregation is incomplete unless we face the history of residential redlining. Richard Rothstein, author of 'Color of Law,' explains why.

TT’s NEW LGBTQ Best Practices Guide

We’ve learned a lot in the last few years about what LGBTQ students need to thrive. This excerpt from our new guide offers insight into how even small policy adjustments can make a big difference in the lives of queer and nonbinary students.



A Message From Our Director

At the end of July, a group of students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School came through Montgomery on a regional March for Our Lives tour. Before they left Florida, they had visited every congressional district to
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You Spoke, We Listened

Our latest magazine issue, TT workshops and social media news stories have inspired a lot of dialogue with our readers.
Down the Hall

Strong Connections

Knikole Taylor explains how technology can be a tool for equity and community.
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Having the Talk

Jeremiah and Noelle's teacher wants them to talk to their families about voting. What they learn from those conversations takes everyone by surprise.
One World

Laverne Cox

Actress Laverne Cox boasts an impressive series of firsts, including being the first openly trans person on the cover of Time magazine. Download her inspiring words and share them with your students.
A map of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi with overlaid images of key state symbols and of people in community

Learning for Justice in the South

When it comes to investing in racial justice in education, we believe that the South is the best place to start. If you’re an educator, parent or caregiver, or community member living and working in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi, we’ll mail you a free introductory package of our resources when you join our community and subscribe to our magazine.

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