In Memoriam

At least 152 people have died in K–12 school shootings since April 20, 1999. We honor their memories.

Last Friday morning, eight high school students and two teachers lost their lives in Santa Fe, Texas, the sixth fatal school shooting of 2018. That same night, a woman was killed on the campus of Mount Zion High School in Jonesboro, Georgia.

The students leave behind empty desks and diplomas. They all leave futures and families and friends, a painful collection of what-ifs. Each of their stories is unique, yet they each converge on a painful truth: They died at one of our schools. 

We said, “Never again.” But again is now. Today, we add the names of the most recent victims to our list of those we’ve lost in school shootings since Columbine. This list serves to keep our collective memory of these victims alive, but it also reminds us of the terrible human cost of gun violence; the terrible cost of insufficient support for troubled young people; and the terrible cost of our national complacency.


May 18 | Mount Zion High School

The name of this victim has not yet been released.


May 18 | Santa Fe High School

Jared Black

Shana Fisher

Christian Riley Garcia

Aaron Kyle McLeod

Glenda Ann Perkins

Angelique Ramirez

Sabika Sheikh

Christopher Jake Stone

Cynthia Tisdale

Kimberly Vaughan


March 20 | Great Mills High School

Jaelynn Willey


March 7 | Huffman High School

Courtlin Arrington


February 14 | Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Alyssa Alhadeff

Martin Duque Anguiano

Scott Beigel

Nicholas Dworet

Aaron Feis

Jaime Guttenberg

Chris Hixon

Luke Hoyer

Cara Loughran

Gina Montalto

Joaquin Oliver

Alaina Petty

Meadow Pollack

Helena Ramsay

Alex Schachter

Carmen Schentrup

Peter Wang


January 31 | Lincoln High School

Ralph Kennedy


January 23 | Marshall County High School

Preston Ryan Cope

Bailey Nicole Holt



December 7 | Aztec High School

Francisco "Paco" Fernandez Jr.

Casey Jordan


November 14 | Rancho Tehama Elementary School

Danny Lee Elliot

Barbara Ann Gilsan

Michelle Iris McFadyen

Joseph Edward McHugh III

Diana Lee Steele


September 13 | Freeman High School

Sam Strahan


April 10 | North Park Elementary School

Karen Elaine Smith

Jonathan Martinez



September 28 | Townville Elementary School

Jacob Hall

Jeffrey Osborne


June 8 | Jeremiah Burke High School

Raekwon Brown


February 12 | Independence High School

May Kieu



November 20 | Mojave High School

Taylor Brantley


February 15 | Tenaya Middle School

Benito Aguirre



November 20 | Miami Carol City High School

Khambrel Manning


October 24 | Marysville Pilchuck High School

Shaylee Chuckulnaskit

Andrew Fryberg

Zoe Galasso

Gia Soriano


October 3 | Langston Hughes High School

Kristofer Hunter


August 14 | Saunders Elementary School

John A. Nieves Jr.

Bryant Wilder Jr.


June 10 | Reynolds High School

Emilio Hoffman


April 21 | St. Mary Catholic School

Nina Castro


April 11 | East English Village Preparatory Academy

Darryl Smith



December 13 | Arapahoe High School

Claire Davis


October 21 | Sparks Middle School

Michael Landsberry


August 23 | North Panola High School

Roderick Bobo


January 7 | Apostolic Revival Center Christian School

Kristopher Smith



December 14 | Sandy Hook Elementary School

Charlotte Bacon

Daniel Barden

Rachel D'Avino

Olivia Engel

Josephine Gay

Dawn Hochsprung

Dylan Hockley

Madeleine Hsu

Catherine Hubbard

Chase Kowalski

Nancy Lanza

Jesse Lewis

Ana Márquez-Greene

James Mattioli

Grace McDonnell

Anne Marie Murphy

Emilie Parker

Jack Pinto

Noah Pozner

Caroline Previdi

Jessica Rekos

Avielle Richman

Lauren Rousseau

Mary Sherlach

Victoria Leigh Soto

Benjamin Wheeler

Allison Wyatt


October 19 | Banner Academy South High School

Terrance Wright


March 6 | Episcopal School of Jacksonville

Dale Regan


February 27 | Chardon High School

Demetrius Hewlin

Russell King Jr. 

Daniel Parmertor



March 30 | Worthing High School

Tremaine De Ante' Paul


January 5 | Millard South High School

Vicki Kaspar



October 1 | Alisal High School

Jose Daniel Cisneros


February 5 | Discovery Middle School

Todd Brown



November 12 | Dillard High School

Amanda Collette


October 16 | Henry Ford High School

Christopher Walker


August 21 | Central High School

Ryan McDonald


August 14 | Lakota Middle School

Omero Mendez


February 12 | E.O. Green Junior High School

Lawrence "Larry" King



January 3 | Henry Foss High School

Samnang Kok



October 2 | West Nickel Mines School

Naomi Rose Ebersol

Marian Stoltzfus Fisher

Lena Zook Miller

Mary Liz Miller

Anna Mae Stoltzfus


September 29 | Weston High School

John Klang


September 27 | Platte Canyon High School

Emily Keyes


August 30 | Orange High School

Rafael Castillo


August 24 | Essex Elementary School

Linda Lambesis

Mary Alicia Shanks



November 8 | Campbell County High School

Ken Bruce


March 21 | Red Lake Senior High School

Derrick Brun

Dewayne Lewis

Chase Lussier

Daryl Lussier

Neva J. Rogers

Chanelle Rosebear

Michelle Sigana

Thurlene Stillday

Alicia White


March 2 | Cumberland City, Tennessee

Joyce Gregory



February 2 | Ballou High School

James Richardson



September 24 | Rocori High School

Seth Bartell

Aaron Rollins


April 24 | Red Lion Area Junior High School

Eugene Segro


April 14 | John McDonogh High School

Jonathan Williams



February 20 | Washington High School

Joseph Johnson Jr. 



March 30 | Lew Wallace High School

Neal Boyd IV


March 5 | Santana High School

Randy Gordon

Bryan Zuckor



May 26 | Lake Worth Middle School

Barry Grunow


February 29 | Buell Elementary School

Kayla Rolland



November 19 | Deming Middle School

Araceli Tena


April 20 | Columbine High School

Cassie Bernall

Steve Curnow

Cory DePooter

Kelly Fleming

Matthew Kechter

Daniel Mauser

Daniel Rohrbough

Rachel Scott

Isaiah Shoels

John Tomlin

Lauren Townsend

Kyle Velasquez

William "Dave" Sanders 

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