Portfolio Activity for “We ♥ Art!”

Grades: 5-12
Subjects: Arts, Reading and Language Arts, Math and Technology
Categories: Diversity and Inclusion; Wealth and Poverty

Broad cuts to public school arts programs can encourage students to think of these classes as “extras.” But what would our world look like without the arts?

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are some examples of the “art” around us? (Note: Examples might include drawing, painting, sculpture, vocal and instrumental music, stage acting, dance, film, animation, graphic design, video-game design or graffiti. Keep an ongoing list of students’ suggestions.)
  2. What are some examples of art that you study each day in school?
  3. What would our world look like without those examples of art? How would it sound? How would it feel?

Sound It Out
Brainstorm ways to keep art alive in your own words. (Note: Do this by starting a very short hand-clap, foot stomp, desk rap, chant or other rhythmic beat. In turn, have students repeat the beat.) Now, repeat the beat—and then end it by shouting a suggestion.

Act It Out
How do you keep art alive in the lives of others? Share—orally or in writing—ways in which you can share your own art or support the art of others.

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