Reframing Classroom Management

Chaotic classrooms distract students and lead to educator burnout. Our toolkit can help you consider a fresh approach to classroom management.
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As you jump into a new year and a new semester, it’s a great time to think about a fresh approach to discipline. In an era when kids are being pushed out of the classroom and into the justice system via the school-to-prison pipeline and can be charged as criminals for school infractions, effective classroom management is more important than ever. 

In our toolkit, Reframing Classroom Management, we tackle not only the how but the why behind student behaviors and teacher responses. This model focuses on viewing classroom management through four shifts:

  • Understand and distinguish behavior;
  • Rethink control and power dynamics;
  • Be proactive instead of reactive;
  • Respond to the child, not the behavior. 

The toolkit is based on years of research and, most important, input from over 1,200 educators about what works in the classroom.

If you are an administrator looking for professional development content for your teachers, an education professor looking to guide your pre-service teachers or an educator looking to strengthen your own classroom management, the toolkit—comprised of straightforward, easy-to-use handouts—is for you.

We purposely made the handouts with ease in mind. The content is high on impact and low on reading. We know educators are crunched for time and need turnkey strategies and tasks to make change now.

Reframing Classroom Management includes the following dynamic handouts that are linked with great resources and tips. They are also printable for display by a desk or a common area. 

  • Functions and Explanations of Student Behavior
  • Eight Practices to Foster Empathy
  • Six Phrases That Disempower Students—and How to Flip Them
  • Teacher Habits That Can Make Behavior Worse
  • Teacher Habits That Support Student Development and Success
  • Six Steps to Stronger Student-Teacher Relationships
  • Six Ways to Redirect Classroom Disruption
  • Eight Alternatives to Classroom Removal

For more information about the toolkit and some common classroom-management issues, watch our free on-demand webinar on the topic, hosted by the toolkit’s authors.