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Webinars for Your Summer Weekends

Summer’s here! Catch up on our on-demand webinars and spread the word.

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Illustration by Vidhya Nagarajan

Summer vacation means time to catch up on books, movies and, well, everything you missed while focusing on the school year. Teaching Tolerance can help you catch up on anti-bias, civil rights and social justice topics! Watch our on-demand webinars—alone or with colleagues—and get inspired to make your school a more equitable and welcoming place in the coming year.


These webinars address a range of topics related to school climate and discipline.


Speak Up At School 

We hear the pejorative language in the hallway, the lunchroom and sometimes the teacher’s lounge, and we know that context and relationship matter when it comes to speaking up against bias. This webinar and related resources offer strategies to make “upstanding” part of your school’s culture—for students and adults. 

“Strategies are easy-to-understand and use—but also important was the overall positive, ‘You can do this!’ environment created by the facilitators. Thank you!”

Anne S.


Responding to Hate and Bias at School

Just as schools have plans in place to respond to fires, natural disasters and armed intruders, we must also be prepared to respond to incidents of hate and bias. Use this webinar as a jumping-off point for a faculty planning discussion. Together, reflect on your school’s climate, identify its existing policies and procedures for responding to incidents of hate and bias, and draft an action plan.

“I find the most useful part for me is the slides, the scenarios and the resource guides.”

Lisa D.


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Code of Conduct: A Guide to Responsive Discipline

Summer offers time and breathing room to reflect on your classroom management strengths and strategies. This on-demand webinar walks you through five shifts that can change your thinking and practice when it comes to discipline. These shifts can help you—and all adults who work in schools—make short- and long-term plans that keep students in the classroom and out of the school-to-prison pipeline. 

“The scenarios and the resources were the most useful part, because we were able to reflect and increase our ‘toolkit’ with more student-centered strategies for keeping students in the classroom.”

Drew K. 

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These webinars can help you plan historically and culturally relevant lessons for the first day of school and throughout the year!

Beyond the Bus: Teaching the Unseen Story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

Beyond the Bus brings together multiple resources to help educators fill instructional gaps in their coverage of the civil rights movement. Team up with colleagues in your subject area or grade level, and learn how you can teach the full story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 

“Listening to ... a group of people facing an uphill battle against the oppressor—this was truly inspiring.”

Morgan P.


45 Days of Black History

Do you have dedicated time this summer for curriculum writing and mapping? Consider watching the 45 Days of Black History webinar with your curriculum writing team. This webinar will encourage and equip you to recognize and include African-American history all year long. 

“As a first-year teacher, I feel like some of these points were skipped in my education and I am doing a lot of front loading. This will help me become a relevant and reaching teacher.”

Josephine C.


Before your viewing …

  •  Set a schedule for the school year. (We recommend limiting it to October through May.) 
  •  Share the full schedule with your colleagues, including time and location, if possible.


On the day of your viewing …

  •  Provide snacks and refreshments. 
  •  Watch the full one-hour webinar.
  •  Debrief and discuss.
  •  Brainstorm ways to implement the ideas and strategies from the webinar in your practice.


After your viewing …

  •  Set a follow-up meeting to evaluate how your plan is going. 
  • Adjust your plan as needed.

Time Tip

Not enough summer time to watch all these webinar events? No problem. Instead, plan a monthly professional viewing party and watch them with colleagues throughout the school year. 


You can watch all listed webinars—and more!—on our Webinars page.

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