Walkout Day

This teacher built a custom lesson plan to mark a day when thousands of students walked out of their schools in protest. Check it out—and build your own!
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One of our favorite new features of the revamped website is the ability for users to make and share customized Learning Plans. Today, when thousands of students will leave their classrooms for 17 minutes in memory of the victims of the Parkland school shooting—and to call for stricter gun control measures—we’d like to share a public Learning Plan that caught our eye: “Walkout Day” by user karao26.

Created for a high school classroom, "Walkout Day" begins with the very timely essential question, “What responsibility does an individual have to make society better?” Her students will explore this question by engaging with the text “To the Dead We Owe the Truth,” a video clip from the documentary 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets about the murder of Jordan Davis. Karao26 chose a teaching strategy called “Vocabulary Frames” and student task called “Be the Change…” to help her students engage with the difficult subject matter they’ll see in the film clip—and that they’ll likely be thinking about all day as the nation remembers the lives lost in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School exactly a month ago.

We highlight this Learning Plan today because it reflects exactly what the Learning Plan Builder was created to do: give teachers a tool they can use to create responsive, timely, customized plans that meet the needs of their students and their school. We hope you’ll take a look and consider building your own custom Learning Plan. There are hundreds of Common Core-aligned texts, tasks and strategies to choose from—and they are all free.

Many thanks to karao26 for making your plan public!


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