You Did It! Now Mix It Up!

Pause. Look Around. Notice the positive changes you’ve created.

Since the beginning of the year, you’ve been talking to students about what it means to include everyone. Figuring out how to change your school climate for the better.

It’s time to pause, take a look around and notice the positive changes you’ve created. Here’s one way you can do that.


Evaluate Your Classroom Community

  1. Do I have a process in place for maintaining joint expectations about classroom norms and values?
  2. Do my students feel safe expressing their expectations of me as a teacher?
  3. Do I have a working process for shared decision making about consequences when agreed-upon classroom expectations or guidelines are broken?
  4. Do I hold classroom meetings to discuss concerns, news, events and changes?
  5. Are my students involved in decorating the classroom, hallways or other common spaces?
  6. Do students take part in leading some of my lessons?
  7. Have I assigned student roles and responsibilities in the classroom? Are they helping?

Once you have finished your reflection, adapt the questionnaire for your students. Asking for feedback shows you value student voices and reveals your humanity as a teacher.


Go Deeper

Lead students in an open-forum discussion about their responses. Remember: Asking for opinions will increase student investment in your community, and you can use the responses to refine your classroom practices as the year evolves.

You can read more about this approach in this toolkit.

Now breathe and congratulate yourself: You’re ready to Mix It Up! You’ve also set a good tone for addressing issues of inclusion and diversity for the rest of the year.

Enjoy the day with your students and keep an eye out for the new inclusive attitudes you’ve helped them discover. Once things settle back down, we’ll be in touch with more activities to help you maintain the momentum you’ve built.

Happy Mixing!

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