Teaching Hard History: American Slavery

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With Teaching Hard History, we’re calling on American educators, curriculum writers and policy makers to confront the fact that slavery and racial injustice are not only a foundational part of the nation’s past, but a continuing influence on the present. Participants of this webinar will hear from historian Hasan Kwame Jeffries about why we must teach about American slavery honestly and comprehensively. Participants will also test their knowledge of this critical topic with a quiz, as well as interact with Learning for Justice’s new collection of resources designed to help educators overcome the shortcomings of textbooks and state standards in teaching this hard history.

Earn credit: When you complete 95 percent or more of the webinar, a certificate of completion will be available for you to download and print from within the webinar platform. Please note this certificate will not state how long the webinar was or how long you viewed the webinar. Because Learning for Justice is not a credit-granting agency, we encourage you to check with your administration to determine if your participation will count toward continuing education requirements.

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