Teaching Hard History: Building Better Lessons About Slavery

THH Webinar Jon 1/29

Join Learning for Justice for a new live webinar, and take a deep dive into our one-of-a-kind classroom resource A Framework for Teaching American Slavery. Participants will learn about new and existing curricular materials, become familiar with our text library and how it aligns to the framework, and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create custom learning plans for use in the classroom. You’ll also dig into the essential question “How does enslavement affect the idea of family?”

(Note: This webinar is designed for grades 6–12. If you teach in an elementary classroom, check out our webinar on teaching American slavery in grades K–5.)

Earn credit: When you complete 95 percent or more of the webinar, a certificate of completion will be available for you to download and print from within the webinar platform. Please note this certificate will not state how long the webinar was or how long you viewed the webinar. Because Learning for Justice is not a credit-granting agency, we encourage you to check with your administration to determine if your participation will count toward continuing education requirements.

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