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Tolerance and Learning For Justice!

What do we gain when we learn about the lived experiences of other people?
What are the challenges of celebrating what we have in common while also honoring our differences?
How do we connect in meaningful ways with people who are different from us?
What is the relationship between diversity and inequality?
What problems arise when we relate to people...

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Social Justice Domains
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Black and Indigineous History

Why do some people stand up to prejudice and unfairness while others choose not to?
Can progress take place without action?
Do the ways we present our identities change depending on where we are or the people we are with?
Why might people not feel safe to express all their identities?
What is the difference between feeling proud and feeling...

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Digital Literacy
Reading & Language Arts
Social Justice Domains
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EDToPP - Exploring Diversity Through Photos and Poetry

What are my identities?
How do people show that they are proud of themselves?
Does my identity mean I get to do things other kids can’t, or keep me from doing something?
What rights do I have?
Do all people have the same rights?
How am I the same as other people? How am I different from other people?

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