The True History of Voting Rights

In this lesson, students learn about the expansion and restriction of voting rights in the United States. They examine laws and court rulings that have affected the voting rights of millions of Americans, brainstorm possible explanations for voter disengagement and explore a timeline of voting rights in the United States. In an extension activity, students learn how to register to vote.
Grade Level
Social Studies
Social Justice Domain

The New Deciders

“The New Deciders” examines the influence of voters from four demographic groups—black millennials, Arab Americans, Latino Evangelicals and Asian Americans. Viewers will meet political hopefuls, community leaders, activists and church members from Orange County, California, Cleveland, Ohio, Greensboro, North Carolina and Orlando, Florida, all of whom have the opportunity to move the political needle, locally and nationally.

The New Mad Men

“The New Mad Men” explores how changing demographics in the United States have changed the face of advertising. In particular, the focus is on the purchasing power of the 54 million Latinx people currently living in the United States. The episode visits the headquarters of LatinWorks, an advertising agency in Austin, Texas, with a specialty in multicultural advertising.