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Exploring Our Unique Identities

What are the characteristics that make you, YOU? Consider the outside influences that shape your personal identity (race, religion, gender, family, etc.).
Then, ask yourself who you are as an individual and what kind of person you aspire to be.

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Digital Literacy
Reading & Language Arts
Social Justice Domains
learning plan

Mi Privilegio

How do different parts of our identities combine to make us who we are? How can I contribute from a privileged group in society?
What does it feel like to be belittled or criticized because of your identity?
What is the difference between feeling proud and feeling superior?

Grade Level
Social Studies
Social Justice Domains
learning plan

The Multicultural United States

How am I the same as other people? How am I different from other people?
Are people all the same?
Do all people have the same rights?
What are the differences between how I live and how others live?
Do different people feel the same way?
How do I know when people are being treated unfairly?
Does the way a...

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