Moses Rifkin

Moses Rifkin is a high school physics teacher in Seattle, Washington. Learning how to teach science in a way that supports social justice is hugely important to him, and the positive steps he has taken towards this as a co-creator of the Underrepresentation Curriculum are something he feels very proud of. As a white cis-gender male teacher working in independent schools, he is particularly interested in helping those with privileged identities—including himself—to understand their privilege and the role they can and must play in working for social justice. Moses holds degrees from Brown

Shinae Park

Shinae Park teaches physics and engineering at The Lawrenceville School, an independent high school in New Jersey. In her work as a mentor teacher, she explores school culture and pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning with new educators. She is passionate about fostering equity and belonging in the science classroom and serves as an editor of the Underrepresentation Curriculum. Shinae is a graduate of UC Berkeley and holds a Ph.D. in Astronomy from Harvard University. .tb_button {padding:1px;cursor:pointer;border-right: 1px solid #8b8b8b;border-left: 1px solid #FFF;border-bottom: 1px
learning plan

Understanding Diversity in Gender Orientation & Identity

What does it mean to feel good about myself and how can I express that I like who I am?
How do I get to know others and allow others to get to know all of me?
What are gender stereotypes and how do we identify them?
How do gender stereotypes affect your interactions outside the classroom?
What does it...

Grade Level
Social Justice Domains
learning plan

Understanding our differences

How do we use our difference to our advantage?
How are you different?
How can I describe ways people are different from me?
How can I describe and compare my group identities with those of other people?
Can words about identity hurt people?
How can I ask people about their lives and experiences in a respectful, kind and understanding way...

Grade Level
Social Justice Domains