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Identity Development & Cultural Diversity Education

How do our various group identities shape us as individuals?
What part do culture and history play in the formation of our individual and collective identities?
How do our intersecting identities shape our perspectives and the way we experience the world?
How do we remain true to ourselves as we move in and out of different communities, cultures and contexts?

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Digital Literacy
Reading & Language Arts
Social Justice Domains
the moment

Don't Say Nothing: Responding to Police Violence

We are lifting up educators and students of color as we all continue to witness fatal police shootings—this time in Minneapolis, Chicago and Honolulu—and as video circulates of police violence against a Black and Latinx man in Virginia. Please take time to care for yourself as best you can. To all educators, when addressing these acts of violence, make sure you’re aware of students who may be experiencing trauma related to these events. These resources can help you support your students and give them space to grieve.