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Celebrate Native American Heritage

Native American Heritage Month provides an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Native cultures and communities. To honor Native peoples, we uplift their honest histories, significant contributions and contemporary
November 1, 2023
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Make 'Never Again' a Meaningful Commitment

For Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoa), education is important so that we never forget the horrors that hate manifests. But for truly meaningful commitment to learning from and preventing such atrocities, we must come together in the urgency of now—in combating censorship about our country's history, in teaching about racism and the systems of anti-Black oppression, and in countering the patterns of hate in our nation and world today. The Holocaust is not just a singular event of the past; every generation must make the commitment to "never again," and that begins with education.

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Holocaust Denial Isn’t Neutral

News of a Florida principal’s refusal to expand mandatory Holocaust education because he must remain “politically neutral” has been met with disbelief and anger. But it’s just an extreme example of a concern we hear all the time: Accusations of partisanship are used to pressure educators into silence on topics that matter. These resources are reminders that not every story has two sides—and it’s educators’ job to teach students the truth.

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