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The Moment is LFJ’s online editorial column, which contains articles and content to address what is happening in social justice education—and society—right now.
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Parents and Caregivers Play an Important Role in Education

Parents and caregivers are children’s first teachers and play a powerful role in determining what children learn and in shaping children’s perspectives and our shared future. Learning for Justice aims to provide resources and information on current issues in education for parents, caregivers, educators and all community members who are concerned about current censorship and hostile school environments, and who want to create supportive and inclusive learning spaces where all children can thrive.

Honor the Fourth of July With a Commitment to Democracy

“Democracy is not a state. It is not some high plateau that we struggle to reach so we can finally settle down to rest. Democracy is an act. It is an act that requires participation, organization and dedication to the highest principles.” —Rep. John Lewis

This Fourth of July, commit to the movement for democracy, human rights and justice. Understanding the honest history of the United States means contextualizing this holiday into the complex relationship between the U.S. and its citizens of color. 

Disability Is Diversity: Focus on Creating Inclusive Environments

“Disability is the way other people don’t accommodate you or respond to you.”
—Ashley Dalton, Southern Poverty Law Center

Changing the learning environment to be more inclusive—instead of a focus on changing the learner—creates opportunities for accessible education practices that benefit all young people. These LFJ magazine articles explain how, for children to thrive in more inclusive learning environments, social justice and equity movements must include intersecting identities and disability rights.

Fighting for Voting Rights and Education

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 (VRA) enabled millions of Black and other voters of color an opportunity to participate in our democracy. Ten years ago, on June 25, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Shelby County v. Holder significantly weakened a key provision of the landmark VRA. These LFJ articles remind us of the struggle for voting rights and education and the powerful legacy of Freedom Summer 1964. As we confront current voter suppression and education censorship, let us continue the fight for justice in today's movement.

Celebrate Juneteenth and Support the Ongoing Justice Movement

“Juneteenth offers a moment for those who envision a just society to elevate and support the ongoing freedom movement no matter where they live. It opens possibilities to do the real work of uncovering honest history—and to be honest with ourselves, especially in the wake of racial violence.” —Juneteenth Observances Promote ‘Absolute Equality’

Juneteenth—celebrated June 19—marks the announcement in June of 1865 to enslaved Black Texans that they were free. These LFJ articles help to contextualize the holiday and the ongoing fight for justice and freedom.

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