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October Is LGBTQ History Month!

Educators can use these LFJ resources to recognize, remember and teach intersectional LGBTQ history, including the experiences of young LGBTQ people of color. And this One World poster features a beautiful and timely message from Audre Lorde to inspire your students—all year long.

Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day All Year Long

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is October 11, 2021. We encourage you to uplift contemporary Indigenous cultures and histories by incorporating resources written by and about Indigenous peoples into your curriculum. In these LFJ resources, learn various ways to do this in your classroom—all year long.

Recognize Mental Illness Awareness Week

Students and educators have faced countless, unprecedented hardships over the past two school years. We hope that during this Mental Illness Awareness Week, you’ll incorporate mental health literacy into your work with students. These LFJ resources highlight ways to destigmatize mental illness and feature tips for interrupting harmful school practices, which especially affect Black youth. We all need to be good to ourselves and to each other.

Help Students Register on National Voter Registration Day!

On this National Voter Registration Day, September 28, we urge educators to engage all students in understanding the registration process and provide eligible youth with the information they need to vote. It is an especially critical time to discuss voting, as recent legislation aimed at limiting voting rights, an ongoing pandemic and natural disasters make participation in the democratic process more challenging and more crucial. We hope these LFJ resources will help!

The First Issue of ‘Learning for Justice’ Magazine Is Here!

At this critical moment in K-12 education, we’re thrilled to introduce the inaugural issue of Learning for Justice magazine. Our Fall 2021 issue highlights key lessons learned from this past year—lessons that the education community can carry forward to help create safe and inclusive learning spaces. Be inspired by messages of hope, solidarity and activism that can aid in the transformational work needed to create the just future that all students deserve.

Teaching Tolerance collage of images

Welcome to Learning for Justice—Formerly Teaching Tolerance!

Our work has evolved in the last 30 years, from reducing prejudice to tackling systemic injustice. So we’ve chosen a new name that better reflects that evolution: Learning for Justice.

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