Race & Ethnicity

Cultivate positive identity formation, encourage students to confront racial and ethnic injustice, and prepare them to live and work together in a diverse world. Our resources can help you facilitate discussions about race and guide students through lessons on white privilege, economic inequality, mass incarceration, the complexities of identity and more.

“We may be uncomfortable talking about race, but we can no longer afford to be silent. We have chosen a profession that—like parenting—requires us to put our comforts second to those of children.”

Jamilah Pitts

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Featured Race & Ethnicity Resources

Teaching About Race, Racism and Police Violence

These resources can help spur discussions about implicit bias and systemic racism, and empower students to work toward a more just society.

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Why Teaching Black Lives Matter Matters

All educators have the civic responsibility to learn and teach about this modern movement for racial justice. Read about the history and the misconceptions, the hashtag and the campaigns.

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Let's Talk! Facilitating Critical Conversations With Students

Use the strategies in this resource as you prepare to talk with students about the historical roots and contemporary manifestations of racial inequality and discrimination.

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Discussing Whiteness

"Why does whiteness fly beneath the radar?" Explore this question, and reflect on the role of white privilege and white racial identity formation in anti-racism work.

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Teaching Hard History Professional Learning Cohorts provide educators the chance to deeply engage with Learning for Justice Teaching Hard History: American Slavery framework, collaborate with LFJ staff and 25 other cohort members across the country, and gain insights and feedback on implementation—all at no cost. Submit your application today!

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