Anya Malley is an editorial assistant for Learning for Justice. They have studied publishing and women’s and gender studies, and they have editorial experience working with several scholarly and creative journals as well as a small fiction press.

Articles by Anya

Humanity, Healing and Doing the Work

Honoring our collective humanity will result in an education system in which all children thrive.

And the Winners Are...

Meet the recipients of the 2020 Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Future Voters Project: Including All Students

These recommendations will help ensure that no student feels excluded or singled out during your school’s voter registration drive.

What’s My Complicity? Talking White Fragility With Robin DiAngelo

For well-intentioned white people doing anti-racist and social justice work, the first meaningful step is to recognize their fragility around racial issues—and build their emotional stamina. 'White Fragility' author Robin DiAngelo breaks it down.

Carol Anderson on Voter Suppression: A Q&A with the Author of ‘One Person, No Vote’

Professor and author Carol Anderson explains how voter suppression remains alive and well—and how it’s hurting us all.