Carrie Gaffney, who spent twelve years as a secondary English teacher, is the managing editor of The Educational Forum and the copy editor for Dark House Press. Carrie holds an undergraduate degree in English Education and an MFA in creative writing. As a writer, she regularly contributes to Kentucky Monthly and Punchnel’s. She is also active in the Hoosier Writing Project, a site of the National Writing Project, and Second Story, an Indianapolis-based nonprofit that is dedicated to bringing creative writing to underserved schools. Her work is represented by Katie Shea of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Articles by Carrie

When Schools Cause Trauma

Trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed schools are spreading around the country. But if they don’t start with how schools themselves can induce trauma, they won’t work.

Anatomy of an Ally

Be there—for kids and colleagues—when caring just isn’t enough.

The Incredible True Story

The Common Core elevates nonfiction—and that's a good thing!