Coshandra Dillard (she/her) is an associate editor for Learning for Justice. Before joining LFJ, she was a freelance writer and magazine editor. She also worked as a health journalist for more than eight years. Additionally, Coshandra has experience in the classroom, having served as a substitute teacher for grades K-12. You can follow her on Twitter @CoshandraD_LFJ.

Articles by Coshandra

What Is Our Collective Responsibility When We Uncover Honest History?

Local history advocates say preservation, education and healing should include community redevelopment and respecting the agency of descendants of enslaved people.

Promote and Model Civic Responsibility

It’s one thing to learn about voting rights and civic responsibilities; it’s another to engage in action to make positive change in our communities.

Connect Voting Rights History to Current Policies and Discourse

Uncovering the honest history of voting rights in the U.S. is crucial to create an inclusive society and realize the democratic ideals expressed in the Constitution.

The Power of Place: Art as a Tool for Social Justice

Alabama artists are depicting honest history and challenging historical invisibility—reshaping public narratives of justice in their communities.

Power of the Vote: Lifting the Veil of White Supremacy, From the Ocoee Massacre to January 6

Civics education must include complete, honest histories and encourage young people to use their right to vote.