Coshandra Dillard is a senior writer for Learning for Justice. Before joining LFJ, she was a freelance writer and magazine editor. She also worked as a health journalist for more than eight years. Additionally, Coshandra has experience in the classroom, having served as a substitute teacher for grades K-12. You can follow her on Twitter @CoshandraD_LFJ.

Articles by Coshandra

“We Won’t Wear the Name”

At these three high schools, each named for Robert E. Lee, students led the way toward change.

Black Male Educators Create Space for Joy

Resisting white supremacy doesn’t always look like fighting. Making space for community and celebration is also resistance.

Confronting the Weaponization of Whiteness in Classrooms

As viral racist incidents quickly disappear from public discourse, we challenge white teachers to keep those moments top of mind and reflect on their own biased behaviors in classrooms.

A More Complete Women’s History

Go beyond “famous firsts” and teach about the many ways women show up in the world.
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Welcome to Learning for Justice—Formerly Teaching Tolerance!

Our work has evolved in the last 30 years, from reducing prejudice to tackling systemic injustice. So we’ve chosen a new name that better reflects that evolution: Learning for Justice.

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