Benz, Ph.D.

Dorothee Benz (she/her) is a writer, organizer and strategist who has spent decades on the frontlines of social justice struggles in the United States. Professionally, she spent three decades in communications, having served most recently as the communications director at the Center for Constitutional Rights and the chief communications officer at Lambda Legal, after many years of work in the labor movement. In addition, she has been active both as a writer and organizer in the service of numerous movements throughout her career, from the anti-apartheid movement to the immigrant rights movement. Her professional and organizing work are complemented by her scholarly work; she holds a Ph.D. from the City University of New York in political science, with an expertise in social movements. Recognition of Benz’s work includes dozens of labor journalism awards, and she is an effective and sought-after speaker, preacher, teacher and facilitator. Follow her on Twitter @DrBenz3.

Articles by Dorothee

Building a Just Future

Four transgender high school activists courageously share their stories and explain how educators and allies can help them amid the hostile attacks on their human rights.

A Refuge for LGBTQ+ Young People

Student-run Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) clubs are a federally protected space for young people to survive and thrive in the increasingly hostile anti-LGBTQ+ climate in schools and across the country.

The Women’s March: Protest and Resistance

The 2017 Women’s March made a powerful statement for women’s rights and resistance to divisive rhetoric. The movement’s greater impact is its energizing of activists, especially young women, in the United States and around the world.

Gender-Affirming Care: What It Is and Why It's Necessary

The willingness to learn, the active step of acknowledging and affirming LGBTQ+ students, and empathy in recognizing the difficulties for the young person help create safer spaces for trans and nonbinary children.

Community Organizing Uplifts Immigrant Students

Tapping into their own agency and communities, immigrant students and their families are finding ways to mitigate serious obstacles.