Henry Cody

Henry “Cody” Miller is an assistant professor of English education at SUNY Brockport. During his seven years as a high school English teacher and in his current role, he positions texts as vehicles to discuss broader socio-political issues in students’ lives and worlds. He leads professional development focused on creating affirming classrooms for LBGTQ youth and supporting teachers in publishing blogs and articles. Cody currently acts as the chair of the National Council of Teachers of English LGBTQ advisory board. He was awarded the Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2016. Twitter: @CodyMillerPKY.

Articles by Henry Cody

Teaching and Affirming LGBTQ Youth after the ‘Bostock’ Decision

This summer’s landmark Supreme Court case made it illegal to fire someone based on their gender or sexuality. But ‘Bostock’ is a baseline, not a ceiling.

Support LGBTQ Students and Educators as Our Rights Are Decided

As the Supreme Court hears cases to decide whether federal law protects LGBTQ people from employment discrimination, one queer educator explains how his colleagues can be accomplices in the fight for LGBTQ civil rights.

Celebrating Banned Books Means Advocating for LGBTQ Texts

During #BannedBooksWeek, educators should look to the present as well as the past.

Honoring LGBTQ Voices During Hispanic Heritage Month

Too often, curricula and media position racial and sexual identities as either/ors. Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to change that.

Teachers, Check Your Texts

LGBTQ Asian identities need to be amplified in the school curriculum—and not just during a heritage month.
A map of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi with overlaid images of key state symbols and of people in community

Learning for Justice in the South

When it comes to investing in racial justice in education, we believe that the South is the best place to start. If you’re an educator, parent or caregiver, or community member living and working in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi, we’ll mail you a free introductory package of our resources when you join our community and subscribe to our magazine.

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