Henry Cody

Henry “Cody” Miller is an assistant professor of English education at SUNY Brockport. During his seven years as a high school English teacher and in his current role, he positions texts as vehicles to discuss broader socio-political issues in students’ lives and worlds. He leads professional development focused on creating affirming classrooms for LBGTQ youth and supporting teachers in publishing blogs and articles. Cody currently acts as the chair of the National Council of Teachers of English LGBTQ advisory board. He was awarded the Teaching Tolerance Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2016. Twitter: @CodyMillerPKY.

Articles by Henry Cody

‘Part-Time Indian’ and Colin Kaepernick

This TT Award winner will extend his usual coverage of the Sherman Alexie classic to address how dominant cultural narratives reinforce who is considered American—and who isn’t.

Who Would a Literary Character Vote For?

This ninth-grade English language arts teacher—and TT Award winner—offers a creative way for teaching about political candidates.

LGBTQ and Muslim Are Not Dichotomous Identities

Many people in United States hold the mistaken belief that LGBTQ people and Muslims are fundamentally at odds. As educators, we can teach the reality that LGBTQ Muslims exist and honor the voices of this identity group.
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