Student Task

A Two-Sided Coin

Write to the Source
Grade Level


This prompt asks students to compare the way a given idea or theme is addressed in two different texts.

Follow these steps to customize this explanatory/comparison task:
  1. Review the steps in the handout "Plan for Write to the Source."
  2. Review the sample task and then fill in the task template fields below the sample task.
  3. Review the handout "Explanatory Writing Rubric." Adapt as necessary.

Sample task

Essential Question:  How do the dynamics of power and privilege influence access to and distribution of resources and opportunities?

Text Title(s):  Read “Andrew Jackson "Indian Removal" Message" and “Proclamation: to the Great White Father.”

Suggested Writing Product: Write an essay that compares and contrasts how these two texts address the issue of fair access to land and resources for Native Americans.

Additional Task Demand:  Illustrate your comparison with textual evidence and analysis.

Task Template

For planning purposes, use these fields to customize your student's task:

Additional task demands
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