Student Task

Are You Convinced?

Write to the Source
Grade Level


This prompt asks students to examine the way an author addresses a given question and evaluate the strength or usefulness of his or her claims.

Follow these steps to customize this argument/evaluation task:
  1. Review the steps in the handout "Plan for Write to the Source."
  2. Review the sample task and then fill in the task template fields below the sample task.
  3. Review the handout "Argument Writing Rubric". Adapt as necessary.

Sample task

Essential Question:  How do the dynamics of power and privilege influence access to and distribution of resources and opportunities?

Text Title(s):  Read “Welfare is a Women's Issue.”

Suggested Writing Product:  Write a letter to the editor that discusses how the author addresses the question and evaluates the strength or usefulness of her claims. Defend your position with evidence from the text.

Additional Task Demand:  Develop your argument by including relevant personal experience.

Task Template

For planning purposes, use these fields to customize your student's task:

Additional task demands