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Break It Down

Write to the Source
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This prompt asks students to list meaningful words and phrases from a text, exploring why the language is effective. Students then brainstorm a similar list of emotionally powerful words and phrases, using the list to write an imaginative piece that relates to an issue in the text. 

Follow these steps to customize this explanatory/description task:
  1. Review the steps in the handout "Plan for Write to the Source."
  2. Review the sample task and then fill in the task template fields below the sample task.
  3. Review the handout "Explanatory Writing Rubric." Adapt as necessary.

Sample task

Essential Question:  What advantages and disadvantages do people experience based on their identity?

Text Title(s): Read The Jungle. 

Suggested Writing Product:  Write an essay that discusses the question and describes the significance of Sturgis’ experience as a packinghouse worker, with this question in mind. Support your explanation with evidence from the text.

Additional Task Demand:  Discuss relevant examples from your own personal experience.

Task Template

For planning purposes, use these fields to customize your student's task:

Additional task demands
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