LFJ in Conversation: Summer Read-Along Series

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Join Learning for Justice in conversation with our new Summer Read-Along series. These virtual events will feature LFJ writers and facilitators alongside educators and others who are advocating for inclusive education, accurate histories and other social justice efforts in their schools and communities.

Going Beyond the Textbook

On August 10, 2022 at 3:30 pm CT we will discuss the magazine feature “Going Beyond the Textbook.” You will hear from article author Dorothee Benz, educator and activist Christopher Rogers and LFJ facilitator Courtney Wai as they explore the importance of teaching history beyond what is typically included in textbooks. The panelists will share strategies for educators and reflections for others who want to help advocate for more honest history instruction.

Participate in the read-along by exploring the article ahead of time and signing up to join the live event.

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Teaching Local History in Tulsa

The July 2022 Read-Along focused on the feature article “Teaching Local History in Tulsa.” Watch to hear from article author Coshandra Dillard, Tulsa educator Akela Leach and LFJ facilitator Jaci Jones as they explored the importance of teaching local histories in schools. The panelists also shared suggestions for people who want to advocate for elevating local histories and for educators looking to incorporate these histories into their teaching practice.


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