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You Spoke, We Listened

The Spring and Summer issues of Teaching Tolerance sparked tremendous response—from a critique of our latest cover story to praise for the art that enlivens our pages. 

Reader Reactions

Sex? Sexual Orientation? Gender Identity? Gender Expression?” and the accompanying classroom poster highlighted the importance of getting vocabulary right.

Interesting and well written. My only disagreement is this: I believe that three of those four, not just sex, are biological. … GENDER IDENTITY is the biology of the part of your brain that makes you feel like a boy or a girl or somewhere on a spectrum from one to the other at any moment in time and that leads you to prefer different ways of acting/expressing. SEXUAL ORIENTATION is the biology of the part of your brain that gives you crushes, makes your heart pound or your stomach flutter in somebody’s presence, gives you erections, lets you fall in love.

—Submitted by Beth Reis, via tolerance.org


Great poster from @Tolerance_org on terms like sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression

—Submitted by Sarah McKibben (@Editorbytrade), via Twitter



The Spring and Summer issues of Teaching Tolerance sparked tremendous response—from a critique of our latest cover story to praise for the art that enlivens our pages.


There When It Matters

[On “A Hand to Hold”] What a perfect story for Teacher Appreciation Week! It is a wide and awesome responsibility to be a teacher.

Beth Hoffman, via Facebook


Mastering Perspectives

Wow! I found [Perspectives for a Diverse America] via my class in Multi-Cultural Education. We had an assignment to create three lessons on Teaching Tolerance. Upon graduation with my Master[s] in Reading Education degree, I am hoping to secure a position as a Literacy Coach K-2 in a public school. This resource could prove to be invaluable as I work to collaborate with teachers in grades K-2. … Thank you very much!

Catherine Bell, via email


Looking Beyond School

I am a [K]-6 school counselor in a small, rural, Ohio farming community. Teaching [T]olerance provides me with the means to promote social justice, challenge bias, and engage students in discussions about diversity that would perhaps not happen otherwise. I want them to be prepared to take their place in a rapidly changing global society, and your resources give me the platform to look beyond what’s outside their window. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tonia Verville, via email


Beautiful Artwork

Recently I completed your survey on Teaching Tolerance [m]agazine. One of the things I forgot to mention that I so appreciate is the artwork—on the cover and throughout the issues. The artwork reinforces visually the ideas and topics included in the written text of the articles. Thank you for continuing to include the artwork.

E. Gaele Gillespie, via email


Story Corner Reflections 

[On “The Day I Swam Into a New World”] I remember going to our community members only swimming/rec center in the early 60s and seeing [b]lack children standing and looking through the … chain-link fence. It all seems so foreign to me now but back then I thought nothing of it. It saddens me to think that I didn’t care.

Karen Sutherland, via Facebook


Students Cheered! 

When was the last time I showed a video and the students cheered? … I used [Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot on] the anniversary of the march and several students saw CSPAN and other news coverage they might have missed had they not had the excellent teaching tool the day before. So many thanks for all you do to promote peace and justice. 

Anonymous, via survey 


Favorite Magazine

This is the only educational magazine I read front to back and highlight every single time I get an issue. I love it and have recommended it to multiple other educators. After I am done with an issue, I leave it out for my students to look through and read. Keep producing such amazing educational resources—America’s education system needs you!

Anonymous, via survey


Not a Fan

I disagree with the message you teach. We should not accept every screwed up human idea that some politician or alleged special interest group throws out.

Jerry Coker, via Facebook


Bullied Teacher Speaks 

As a former victim myself, I’m happy to see this issue is finally getting the attention it needs [in “Under Attack”]. Too many times, we as professionals see this as business as usual in most schools, not as the destructive and potentially harmful activity it really is. In my case, it took me nearly three years to find another job after my bully had gotten done with me. … Even where I am now, teacher on teacher and supervisor on teacher bullying is common.

K. M. Cutia, via tolerance.org

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