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Is social justice a priority in your classroom? Would you like to become more directly involved with Teaching Tolerance? Consider becoming part of our advisory board!
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Being a Teaching Tolerance advisor is a great way to give back to the education community, learn more about our work and network with other anti-bias educators. We established the board in 2011 to help ensure that our materials are relevant and reflect the diverse needs of educators working in school communities across the country. The board consists of classroom teachers, staff developers, librarians, school counselors and administrators who are currently active in K–12 education, including people working at the university level in teacher preparation programs.

The application process is now closed.

Advisors contribute to TT’s mission in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Giving feedback on content;
  • Sharing expertise and practice via short articles on our website;
  • Reviewing feature stories for Teaching Tolerance magazine;
  • Contributing book and film reviews for the magazine via the Staff Picks departments;
  • Helping program staff anticipate important trends and changes in the field;
  • Acting as ambassadors for the program and our mission.

TT Advisory Board members serve two-year terms—the next term begins June 1, 2019, and ends May 31, 2021. Appointment to the board is contingent on the ability to commit to attending our annual three-day Advisory Board summit in Montgomery, Alabama. All expenses are paid for this trip, which is a unique experience to meet with like-minded educators and share ideas while visiting some of the most significant memorials and landmarks of the civil rights era. This summer’s meeting will be held July 17-19.

If you think your experience, practice and expertise fit the bill, be sure to apply (applications are now closed). The deadline is March 11; new advisory board members will be notified by April.

We look forward to reading your application!

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    I don't see any Black Men in the photo! Why is that?
    Hi, Maz! There is, in fact, a Black man in this photo, and he's a very valued member of our TT Advisory Board. :)
    Hi there! Is it possible to apply for this opportunity if you are a teacher outside of the US? I'm a very interested Canadian high school teacher :)
    Hello. I submitted an application for the TT Advisory Board. Should I have received a confirmation email after it was sent?
    Hello, andiew! Thank you for your interest in being a part of the TT Advisory Board. At this time, TT is only accepting applicants within the U.S.
    Hi, giovannaAd! Once you submit your application, the form should state that your responses were recorded, but you will not receive a confirmation email. Thank you!
    When an application is submitted, does TT sound out a confirmation email or response?
    Hi TT. Do you ever take late application for the board? Never hurts to ask!
    Hi, kdeswood! Once you submitted your application, the form should have stated that your responses were recorded, but you will not receive a confirmation email. Thank you!
    Hello, SSGarcia! No, we do not accept late applications. Thank you!
    Hello! I was wondering how selected applicants for the National Advisory Board are notified, if accepted.
    Hi, cheriarmstrong. Newly accepted TT Advisory Board members have been emailed. Thank you!
    Hello! Will you alert all applicants to their status, even if not accepted? Thanks so much!
    Hi, historyhoney. Yes! All applicants will be notified by email. :)
    Hello, I never received an e-mail about my application to the advisory board. How do I find out the status?
    Hello, rebelteacher. You should have received an email already; our apologies. We will send you an email as soon as we can.
    I'm inquiring the same question as several others....
    When will we be notified if we were awarded as a member of the Advisory Board for 2019 ?

    I am assuming that my lack of notification means that I didn’t get accepted as a advisory member. If this assumption is correct, could you please validate it with a response.

    Good morning! Like several others, I didn’t receive an email about my application to the advisory board. Will you be accepting applications again before 2021?
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