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Issue 61, Spring 2019

Cover of Teaching Tolerance Magazine, Spring 2019 Edition.

Half of all students menstruate, but periods are rarely talked about in schools and almost never factored into school policy discussions. Why? In “Equity, Period.” we look at how the stigma surrounding menstruation is harming students and what educators can do about it.

The Spring 2019 issue also looks at a budding movement that seeks to bring mental health education into the classroom, a reading groups model that invites families into the conversation and a critique of call-out culture that focuses on teachable moments rather than take-downs. We also talk to historian Carol Anderson about her research on voter suppression and why it remains a civil rights issue to this day.

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Saving Title VI

This group of moms is working to ensure no one’s children are denied civil rights in school.

Teaching in Solidarity

The guiding principles behind the Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action can be an important frame through which to reimagine more liberatory educational spaces for Black children.

Whose Renaissance Is It?

These middle-schoolers spent months exploring the bridges that connect their gentrifying community and the barriers that divide it.

Preserving a More Honest History

Want to take a field trip to a historic home or plantation? Here’s how to choose one that honors the enslaved people who lived and worked there.

Equity, Period.

Join the movement to destigmatize menstruation and make schools more accommodating for all students who experience it.

Reading Together

How one group of parents created space for their children to learn, think and teach about social justice.

Demystifying the Mind

Across the country, educators are integrating mental health literacy into their curricula.

The Rhythm of Resilience

Following Hurricane Maria, these educators looked to tradition to help colleagues and students mourn what was lost—and celebrate what remains.

El Ritmo de la Resiliencia

Luego del paso del Huracán María en el 2017, un grupo de artistas puertorriqueños está ayudando a maestros y estudiantes encontrar propósito y estabilidad dibujando el legado de la bomba puertorriqueña.



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