Pledge to Participate!

Everyone can participate in our democracy, regardless of voter eligibility. Use this pledge to encourage your students and their families to use their voices and their votes.
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This nonpartisan pledge offers a way for students of all ages to get involved this election season. We’re encouraging K-8 educators to share this pledge with their students and their families.

The pledge reminds us that even though not everyone in our nation can promise to vote, everyone can promise to use their voice.

We’ve developed resources to share in class along with the pledge:  For elementary students, our story and video “Having the Talk” offer an introduction to voting advocacy. For middle schoolers, the pledge can be introduced with a message from the students of March for Our Lives: “Apathy Is Not an Option.”

Having the Talk

Our elementary-friendly story corner, “Having the Talk,” follows Jeremiah, a fifth-grader who overcomes his shyness to talk to his parents about their voting plans and ask his parents to promise that they will get involved this election season.

March for Our Lives

The young activists from March for Our Lives have a message for students across the country who may not be old enough to vote: They are definitely old enough to make a difference. Share the video with your students.