Learning for Justice Staff

Critical Practices
Self-Awareness and Cultural Competency
Creating and Upholding Just Systems
Collaboration and Building Alliances
Student Leadership

As advocates for social justice, educators shape curriculum and demonstrate leadership inside and outside the classroom. This means discussing social justice education with colleagues, school leaders, parents and caregivers, and community partners. These discussions can benefit not only students but also families, the larger community and the education profession.

A map of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi with overlaid images of key state symbols and of people in community

Learning for Justice in the South

When it comes to investing in racial justice in education, we believe that the South is the best place to start. If you’re an educator, parent or caregiver, or community member living and working in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi, we’ll mail you a free introductory package of our resources when you join our community and subscribe to our magazine.

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