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Toolkit for "Joseph’s Castle in the Sky"

This toolkit for “Joseph’s Castle in the Sky” includes lesson plans, book lists, games and data to help teachers in K-12 classrooms give their students a deeper understanding of Haitian culture and history. 


Joseph’s Castle in the Sky

"Joseph's Castle in the Sky" tells about the wonderment and pride one boy feels upon visiting his native country of Haiti. Your students will connect with many parts of this lovely story, but some may not have enough prior knowledge about Haiti to fully appreciate Joseph’s discovery of the “castle in the sky.” Use the resources below to plan lessons for before and after reading this Story Corner. 


Essential Questions

  1. How can I help my students contextualize the story “Joseph’s Castle in the Sky”?
  2. What educational materials are available to teach my students about Haitian history and culture?




Teach and Learn More About Haiti

The Power of Education Foundation

A variety of PowerPoint-based lessons help students broaden their thinking about the world through examination of Haiti’s culture and history. Standards-based plans are available for elementary, middle and high school. 


National Geographic

A great starting point for students wanting to learn about Haiti, this webpage includes information about Haiti ranging from geography to culture.


Teaching For Change

The causes of poverty are often oversimplified. Teaching for Change offers resources that dig deeper, exploring the complexities of Haiti’s sociopolitical and economic situation and the United States’ involvement in the country’s history.


The World Bank

Older students who are ready to research Haiti in depth will find on this webpage detailed statistical data, information about ongoing projects in Haiti and pertinent news. 


Broward County Schools

This K-5 curriculum guide contains lessons, activities and background information about Haitian history and culture.  

*This list is adapted from the Power of Education Foundation (PEF).