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Catch Up on LFJ Webinars

Did you miss out on our live webinars this year? Take some time this summer to watch them on demand!
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During the 2018-2019 school year, Learning for Justice (formerly Teaching Tolerance) produced six webinars about a range of topics, from nurturing students’ identities as voters to breaking down the concept of white privilege, among others. 

More than 3,000 educators joined us live for these webinars, but you can view them at your convenience on demand. Check out what you might have missed, and build up your knowledge for next school year!


Teaching Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage

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Presented live just in time for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, this webinar spells out AAPI heritage and history as integral to American history and identity and dives into the harm caused by the "model minority" myth. You'll also find several tools and resources for incorporating this history into your practice.


Latinx History Is Black History

Lx is BH

Recorded live during Black History Month, this webinar shares stories and strategies for teaching Afro-Latinx history and doing it justice. We clear up the confusion between race and ethnicity and provide a historical primer on Afro-Latinx identities. And here’s a special treat: You’ll explore resources for teaching Elizabeth Acevedo’s powerful poem “Afro-Latina.”


LGBTQ Best Practices: Classroom Culture and Curriculum

LGBTQ Best Practice

Pulling from Learning for Justice’s guide Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students, this highly interactive webinar supports educators who want to develop an LGBTQ-inclusive classroom culture. Using reflection questions and role-playing, this webinar can help you understand the function and necessity of correctly using students’ gender pronouns and names, among other best practices. 


Teaching Hard History: Building Better Lessons About Slavery (Grades 6–12)

THH Webinar Jon 1/29

Building off previous seasons of webinars with historian Hasan Kwame Jeffries, this webinar dives into Learning for Justice’s Teaching Hard History: American Slavery framework. In this webinar, you’ll familiarize yourself with the curricular materials related to our framework and reflect on this essential question: How does enslavement affect the idea of family?


Voting and Voices: Engaging Students and Families in Democracy

Voting and Voices illustration with hands and ballot boxes.

In collaboration with Rock the Vote, this webinar guides participants through materials for teaching about U.S. democracy and civics. This webinar also explores lessons on the history of voting in our country and state-specific voter education. 


What Is White Privilege, Really?

Mountain climbers overshadowed by person in hot air balloon.

In collaboration with our friends at we are (working to extend anti-racist education), this webinar delivers a brief history of white supremacy and a framework for understanding how it endures—all in the interest of recognizing how white privilege functions today. Learn practical strategies for teaching from an anti-racist lens, and engage with real classroom experiences for bringing students into this work. 

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