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Issue 62, Summer 2019

Cover of the Summer 2019 Issue of 'Teaching Tolerance' Magazine, featuring an illustrated lighthouse whose lights are comprised of hashtag symbols.

For this issue’s cover story, TT Senior Writer Cory Collins caught up with some of our Twitter and Instagram favorites to talk about the ways educators of color are building community online. In “Educators and Their #Community: Finding Solidarity on Social Media,” learn how these dedicated educators are carving out PD spaces that speak to their concerns—especially when traditional, white-centered spaces don’t want to go there.

But don’t stop there. Read on for stories about how educators are using podcasts in their classrooms and how a viral Instagram challenge got people reflecting on white supremacy. Or learn about the offline world—like what we really need to understand about trauma-informed pedagogy, how one school managed to disassemble student tracking, what Robin DiAngelo has to say about white fragility, and how you can try process drama in your class to encourage inquiry and student investment.

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The Walk of Love

When the arson of a local mosque rattled the small town of Victoria, Texas, students led an effort to unite the entire community.

You and White Supremacy: A Challenge to Educators

It started as a series of Instagram posts; then it became a downloadable workbook. Now, the “Me and White Supremacy” challenge is reaching the mainstream—and creator Layla F. Saad hopes all teachers with white privilege will find the courage to take it.

When Schools Cause Trauma

Trauma-sensitive and trauma-informed schools are spreading around the country. But if they don’t start with how schools themselves can induce trauma, they won’t work.

Teaching Stonewall

Stonewall’s history remains largely forgotten—and unknown among young people. In the cultural imagination, it remains shrouded in myth. But the true Stonewall story can be taught. Here’s how—and why.

A Different Kind of Pedagogy

Process drama, which encourages students to play with inquiry, brings content to life for students. Here’s how it looked in one high school classroom in Ohio.



A Message From Our Director

TT Director Maureen Costello is thinking a lot about the power of social media; a significant number of educators are too.
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Marley Dias

Change maker Marley Dias, who as a sixth-grader founded #1000BlackGirlBooks, offers wise words to fellow young people: “Each of us has a magic inside of us that we can use to make the world a better place.”