Take This Survey to Fight Hate in Schools

Take concrete action against hate in schools by telling us what’s happening on the ground.
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For the past year, Teaching Tolerance has tracked media reports of hate incidents—from swastika graffiti to racist social media posts—in U.S. schools. We know these reports are likely just the tip of the iceberg. 

Beyond occasional news reports, we have little solid information about how hate and bias are affecting classrooms and campuses. That’s where we need your help.

This survey lets you tell us what’s happening on the ground. Completing the survey is a concrete way you can take action to make schools across the country more inclusive and welcoming for all students. We’ll analyze and report on the data, and highlight schools that are responding with courage as part of our ongoing work to counter hate in schools.

Take the survey

We’d like to hear from your colleagues, too. Please share this survey with other educators. 

We thank you for your vital input and your commitment to social justice education.  

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