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Catch Up on TT's Favorite Stories of Summer 2018

What do you read when the news gets you down? Here at TT, we're lucky to have years of inspiring stories to motivate us when we're feeling discouraged. This edition of The Moment features three staff favorites—from an unlikely friendship to a highly personal teaching strategy to timeless words of encouragement from a civil rights icon.

Affirming Transgender Students' Rights

With laws like Ohio's House Bill 658 in the atmosphere, the basic rights of trans students are at risk. State legislators debated making it a felony for teachers to protect trans students' privacy. Here are some resources to help you support and protect your school's trans students.

Discussing #BBQBecky, #PermitPatty and #LivingWhileBlack

The summer of 2018 saw black children reported to police for swimming, selling water and mowing lawns. Studies show the same bias that attributes sinister motives to these kids is evident in classrooms as well. What are you doing to ensure your students don't have to worry about #LivingWhileBlack at school?

Talking About the Supreme Court's Travel Ban Decision

In June 2018, the Supreme Court upheld the travel ban on six majority-Muslim countries. How will you talk with your students about this decision, and how will you support Muslim students who may be left feeling targeted, misunderstood and isolated from distant family members? These TT resources can help.

Responding to Immigrant Family Separations

We know zero-tolerance policies harm children in schools; they're harming them at our borders as well. In the wake of the Trump administration's 2018 policy on the imprisonment and separation of immigrant families, we hope you'll read and share these resources. Consider how you can support the children in your classroom—and beyond.

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