Cory is a senior writer for Learning for Justice. He has experience in both the newsroom—as a former sports journalist—and the classroom, where he has provided reading intervention and tutoring for K–6 students from rural Kentucky to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Articles by Cory

Educators’ and Students’ Rights During COVID-19

A children’s rights attorney and a policy analyst from the Southern Poverty Law Center explain educators’ rights to workplace safety, students’ rights to education access and what it might take to advocate for both.

This Conversation Is Anti-Racist

Young people have the vision to imagine—and create—a world without racism. Adults just need to get on board.

School as Sanctuary

Immigrant and refugee students and families are under threat. Many schools have joined a movement to protect them.

We Still Haven’t Learned From This

Japanese American incarceration stories are American stories that need to be told.
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