Maya is a writer/associate editor for Teaching Tolerance. She previously worked as a writer for the Choices Program at Brown University.

Articles by Maya

Nothing About Us Without Us Is for Us

Youth activist Hazel Edwards recounts her journey from being pushed out of school to teaching her district how to serve transgender students.

A District Profile | Black Lives Matter at School

Meet a school district that brought Black Lives Matter into the classroom—and learn how you could do it too.

Tell Transgender Students: We’re Still Here for You

Yesterday, the Trump administration rescinded the Obama administration’s guidance on transgender students’ rights in public schools. Despite this action, the work to build safe, welcoming and affirming schools for transgender students must continue.

Rochester, NY: “Black Lives Matter at School”

In this district, students, educators, support staff, administrators and community partners are coming together to affirm that black lives matter.

“Conversations Aren’t Enough”

Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones tells the hard truth about why so many students still attend segregated schools.