Sean McCollum covers education- and justice-related topics for Teaching Tolerance, the Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge program, and other organizations. He is also an award-winning children's writer and has published more than 30 books and many articles for children, tweens and teens. He lives all over the world as a "digital nomad." 

Articles by Sean

Expelling Islamophobia

Anti-hate and anti-bullying policies aren’t enough in the fight against Islamophobia.

A New Frame of Mind

What autistic students wish you knew about who they are and how they learn.

Closed for Business

What happens to students when community schools close their doors?

The Young and the Registered

Voting doesn’t just change election results—it can change lives.

Name Changers

The names of Confederate and segregationist leaders label the landscape of the South. What are the consequences when these names belong to schools?