Warren Hynes is a teacher and free-lance writer living in North Plainfield, N.J. You can follow his blog.

Articles by Warren

Meet the Family

Implement a successful home-visit program! Our experts tell you how.

Twice the Distance

First-In-Family Immigrant Students Face a Double Challenge When Applying to Colleges.

The Value of Community

Affordable ways to build positive school climate.

Class Outing

Many teachers still feel it’s safest to teach from the closet.
Abolitionists William Still, Sojourner Truth, William Loyd Garrison, unidentified male and female slaves, and Black Union soldiers in front of American flag

Applications Are Now Live for LFJ Teaching Hard History Fall 2022 Cohorts

Teaching Hard History Professional Learning Cohorts provide educators the chance to deeply engage with Learning for Justice Teaching Hard History: American Slavery framework, collaborate with LFJ staff and 25 other cohort members across the country, and gain insights and feedback on implementation—all at no cost. Submit your application today!

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