"Turn Beauty Inside Out Day" Winning Essays

These essays accompany the lesson "Beauty Is Skin Deep."
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These essays accompany the lesson "Beauty Is Skin Deep."



The most beautiful girl I know is my best friend in the whole wide world. She’s the best person to hang out with because she knows how to make you laugh no matter what the circumstances are.

Lily is strong emotionally. She gets teased because she is one of the shortest people in our grade, but she doesn’t let anyone get to her. She just tells them what’s on her mind and then walks away. I like that about her. Once when two kids were mean to me, she stepped right up and told them off. Then she said, with a self-satisfied air, "Thank me later." I cracked up. Another time she was sent to the principal’s office for no reason. When she got there, she stood up for herself, and they worked it out. She walked away with a hurt ego but an innocent heart.

At school, I tend to use a lot of big words like "procrastination," "melancholy," and devastation." Lily always says, "And in English, that would mean’?" She calls me her "walking, talking dictionary." She has a great sense of humor.

Lily is the best friend a girl could have. She’s funny, strong, energetic, and friendly. If she doesn’t fit the definition of beautiful, I don’t know who does.

"A beautiful person speaks from the heart and has a positive attitude and strong feelings. Stand up for your rights and be proud that you’re one of the many beautiful girls in this world." -Lily Gonzalez, Beautiful Girl



Her densely freckled nose wrinkles mischievously. "Come on, Sarah," she pleads. "Let’s go switch the salt and sugar." It’s 11:00 p.m. the night before April Fool’s Day, and my friend Sophie and I are pulling one of our usual pranks.

Sophie doesn’t conform to what others think she should be. She doesn’t follow fashion trends - she prefers baggy clothes to the popular tight fitting jeans and tops. She’s comfortable with who she is. She skateboards, backpacks, and spends many lazy summer days catching frogs in her pond. Sophie believes the world would be a better place for girls if people didn’t tell them how to act and look.

Never one to back down and let others run the show, Sophie speaks her mind and voices her opinions. Once when she was skateboarding in the park, five high-school guys remarked, "Girls can’t skateboard!" Sophie said, "I can!" and convinced them by landing two ollies. We left the park laughing.

Her friendship is the strongest and most loyal one I’ve ever had. We share, joke, and even fight like real sisters. A truly amazing gal, Sophie is one of the most bee-yoo-ti-ful girls I’ve ever known.

"My goal is to invent something to help our environment."-- Sophie Vizza Hines



Geek. Weirdo. Stupid. Loser. Teacher’s Pet.

Some kids try to put each other into imaginary boxes, but my sister, Elaise (also known as Lacie), doesn’t play those games. She brushes off the heaviest peer pressure and insults. I think she’s really brave. And I think it helps that she has interests outside of school and supportive parents who encourage her to think for herself.

Lacie and I have been performing together since she was old enough to memorize a simple song. Our mom is a music teacher and always encourages us. At our grandparents’ 5oth anniversary, in front of hundreds of people, Lacie stole the microphone from me! I didn’t resist because she was only 4 and very cute.

We like finding new ways to be creative and sharing these experiences keeps us very busy! We’ve done plays and musical puppet shows, complete with homemade theaters and puppets. We’ve performed vocal and instrumental solos and duets at church, schools, and the local Moose lodge. We’ve choreographed dances to perform in community talent shows, and we make movies with our video camera. One movie was so good that the local elementary school put it in their library!

Because we do these things together, it’s easier to do what we want - even if other kids don’t think it’s cool. We’re closer than most sisters because we work as a team and share the sense of accomplishment.

Turn Beauty Inside Out Day essays reprinted with permission from New Moon Magazine.

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