Exploring the Native Ohlone Tribe and Culture

Grade Level
Essential Question
  • How do our various group identities shape us as individuals?
  • What part do culture and history play in the formation of our individual and collective identities?
  • Explore gender roles and the Ohlone. Compare and contrast how roles differ today? (Price of a bride passage)
  • ARTS: Women wore tattoos that showed where they were from. Draw a tattoo that would show your community or neighborhood. What is a source of pride in your community? What would you want others to know about it?
  • Childhood in the Ohlone community. (Sport)
  • What is different today? What is similar? What would happen if you treated a baby today as they did back then in a baby's first year of life in the tribe?
  • PROJECT: Compare and contrast the treatment of elders. Read the passage about elders of the Ohlone. Interview an elder family member or community member. What is different in the way they were educated and raised? How did their society look and treat them?
  • End with poem. What would you add to this piece?
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