The Birmingham Pledge

This activity is designed for use with our free curriculum kit, Mighty Times: The Children's March, designed for the middle and upper grades.
Grade Level

  • Students will learn ways in which the city of Birmingham still works for equity and justice.
  • Students will explore how their own city can join Birmingham in the struggle to eliminate racism wherever it exists.
  • Students will sign The Birmingham Pledge.

Question and answer activity based on "The Children's March." (Download the Teacher's Guide here.)



Several years ago Birmingham resident Jim Rotch was driving home from a retreat when he scribbled some words on a pad as he drove. Those words became known as The Birmingham Pledge. What seemed a solitary, simple act has grown into a worldwide movement.

The Birmingham Pledge is one effort of the Birmingham community to recognize the dignity and worth of every individual and to share with the world one community’s commitment to eliminate racial prejudice in the lives of all people.

Three Approaches
Individual Make a copy of The Birmingham Pledge for each of your students to sign. Collect them and mail them in. 


School or Community

Invite students to consider how they might make this into a schoolwide movement. 


Our Own City Pledge

As a class assignment, have students either individually or collaboratively design their own city pledges.

Consider the following questions:

• What is the history of race relations in our city?
• Which groups of people are most affected?
• Besides race, what other marginalized groups or social issues might benefit from a pledge?
• Keep your pledge to eight statements. Share the pledges with others.

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